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Xuhua Machinery -- to build laminating machine、strip cutting machine famous brand


Yancheng Xuhua machinery Co.,Ltd is a state high-tech enterprise which is specilized in reseaching and manufacturing lamiating machine ,strip cutting machine .“Xuhua machinery , professional manufacturing ,where there is a will ,there is a way ”. established in 2003 , Xuhua Company is located in Dagang development area yancheng city jiangsu province .here is world famous natural & cultural inhereit place : red-crowned crane home and ecological protection area of ELK.company has beautiful environment and convenient trafic :Ningjingyan highway、Yanhuai highway,204 state road 、Ningyan road go through town area .about 300 meters away from Ningyan highway Dagang west exit and about 20 kilometers away from Yancheng airport ,railway satation and sea port .  


Relying on academic institutions ,company keep on reseaching and deleloping new products for many years and accumulating rich advanced technology and new processing method . higher & strict requirements to bulid famous brand in laminating & cutting industries .


Company has two series 10 main products ,they are water-based glue laminating machine ,Glue pot transfer laminating machine , flame laminating machine , adhesive tape laminating machine ,hotmelt laminating machine , sandpaper laminating machine , round cylinder fabric laminating machine ,automatic strip cutting machine , multi-blades cutting machine and foam material cutting machine . Xuhua brand three layers material synchronous process flame laminating machine , full automatic aluminum foil continuous mold press winding roll machine ,Resin mold press production line ,polishing foam laminating flannelette printing production line , glue pot transfer laminating machine , mesh belt laminating machine , automatic disc cutting machine ,bonding fabric machine , hotmelt powder laminating machine , adhesive tape laminating machine , flame laminating machine , extrusion laminating machine , spray glue laminating machine etc series products are sold to all over the world including European 、American and east & shouthern asian countries 、districts. all of them are welcomed by domestic and foreign customers .


Looking to the future , “Xuhua persons ”will keep on reseaching and deleloping new & high technical products and provide excellect service for customers ,based on strictly working attitude and honesty management conept .


Sincerely welcome new and old customers to visit our factory to investigate ,guidance ,negotiate for discussion further development .